Serenity in the bedroom: The bedroom is a very important area in the home. In bed, you should aim to have a clear view of the door, with your feet pointing towards it. Your head should be against something solid, preferably a wall, and never against a window. Opt for a sturdy, wood or metal headboard to add a greater sense of security. (You can choose the material based on your desired element and what it represents). Place a large rug underneath the bed to help ground the bed's energy and avoid storing objects underneath to allow energy to flow through. It's also good to have a nightstand on each side of the bed to maintain balance. 

Just Breathe!

Life is full of energies, both the good and the bad. After a long day of work, kids, and people - remember to take a breath in front of your door and breathe out all of the pent up bad energy and walk through your doors refreshed. Keep your home full of the happiest energy you find in your life. 

2018 Garden Trends

The Zen Garden.   A Zen garden is a place for you to relax and can include anything from water features, to stone gardens, or lanterns with soft lighting – anything that helps you to relax.   Make sure to add seating so you can sit and enjoy.
Meditation Gardens are trending this year and showing up in design magazines.  This can be as simple as a bench in a quiet section of your yard.  It is a place to encourage reflection and to inspire.
Low Maintenance Gardens are always high on the trending list.   Plants like ornamental grasses, succulents and peonys are easy to take care of and add great layers to your garden. The wild garden look is “in” so no need to be too meticulous as to where you plant these.
 Relaxing lounge areas.   No matter what type of garden you prefer, make sure that you create a great space for you to just relax this summer, enjoy your gardens and the sun, and take a few minutes to yourself.   

2018 Hottest Décor Trends
The colour pallet and décor trends for the new year are exciting! Here is what we can expect:

Jewel Tones. Neutral colours like grey, beige, and everyone’s new favourite colour, “greige”, are still trending in home design and décor. However, brighter, deeper colours are picking up traction. Not ready to paint dark colours on your walls yet? Don’t worry, these deep jewel tones will match perfectly with your grey walls. Pick them up in accent chairs, wall art, throw blankets and pillows. This will give you a chance to test the trend before committing.

Metallic Accents. Metallic touches are one of the biggest (and shiniest) home décor trends right now and will continue well into 2018. However, it’s very easy to overdo it when it comes to shiny surfaces. The best way to incorporate this home trend is to keep things basic, such as hanging a silver-accented mirror on a wall or buying some copper end tables.

Geometric Patterns. Geometric patterns are trending up in the interior design space, with mesmerizing wallpaper prints leading the charge.

Furniture with Shape. Couches will take cues from the 70’s this season, with quirky curves that liven up your living room and create dimension.

Mixing Textures. Not only will this add layers and depth to your room but will add luxurious fabrics to your bed, chairs, and couches. This can be accomplished through velvet pillows, faux fur rugs, metal wall art and soft blankets.

Preparing Your Outdoors for Spring!

Clean the exterior of your home to wash off all the winter dirt.  Depending on the exterior finish of your home, either a power wash, light hose, or scrubbing with warm water and soap will make your home sparkle again.  And don't forget to touch up any chipping or peeling paint.

Examine the roof to check for lost or damaged shingles.  Make necessary repairs before the summer sun hits your roof, which can make any damage worse.

Check the gutters to make sure they are not loose or leaking and make sure they are clear from debris.

Spruce up your deck by creating an outdoor living space.  If new furniture is not in your budget this year, add pops of colour to your existing furniture with bright pillows, flower pots and outdoor lighting.

Bring your garden back to life.  Some of your gardens just need a quick weeding and others may need a complete overhaul.  Pinterest in a great place to get amazing garden ideas and remember mulch and garden lights can go a long way in creating that perfect curb appeal.